The grounds contain a small pond with a jetty, inhabited mostly by carp, crucian carp and tench, a great option for amateurs of fishing who start their adventure and for all that find watching a float bob in the water relaxing :) We have rods for those willing to try their hand.

Professional and advanced fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of nearby PZW (Polish Fishing Association) fishing grounds locally.

Lena II (10km)

A reservoir of 36 hectares with ready fishing stations. Main species: carp, tench, crucian carp, common rudd, and carnivorous ones: pike, zander and European perch.

Słup (15km)

An artificial lake on the Nysa Szalona river, approximately 490 hectares in area and up to 20 meters deep. Main species: carp, grass carp, common bream, tench, crucian carp, pike and common roach.