Around the house

Agrohippika is a perfect place for those who want to spend some time with nature – the scents of wild flowers, herbs and hay, beautiful landscapes, farm and domestic animals and, of course, the horses.

Let’s start at the entrance and the building’s facade, surrounded by a traditional cottage garden – sunflowers, hollyhocks, geraniums in the windows all create an idyllic, holiday atmosphere. The extensive pastures spreading next to the house provide a green background to this rainbow explosion of colours. And few views are as beautiful as the morning mist rising over the pasture where our horses stay.

Nearby there is a large, well-mown lawn – ideal for a ball or badminton game. For the youngest visitors, we do, of course, have a swing and a sandpit. A garden tent and a lounger tempt with an afternoon nap, and in the evening we recommend a real-wood bonfire.

A few metres from the house you’ll find our pond, with a wooden jetty from which you can fish (a beginners’ version, really, or for those who simply want to relax watching the float bob in the water) or skim stones with your kids.

Agrohippika is perfect for starting the adventure with horse riding, especially for children. There is a sand-covered, fenced area for lunging, where the kids can ride our Kropka, while the parents watch them, relaxing at the nearby large wooden picnic table with a cup of coffee.

The guests who bring canine friends can walk them along the paddocks without the need to venture into the village and confront the local dogs.